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Re: My one year crossfit and paleo results

I am still lower carb, but not by design. The foods I believe in just happen to work out to be lower carb. The only time I tend to put any focus into macro ratios is PWO. High GI with lean protein source, which is the opposite of how I eat the rest of the day. Mass prescribed macro-ratios are never a good idea. It will work for some, but the rules change so drastically depending on the individual and their needs.

At this point I strictly focus on food and lifestyle quality. I believe that, for the overwhelming majority of the population, a normalized endocrine system is a maximized endocrine system. When you get to high end performance or very specific needs, that rule changes a little bit.

I find when I focus on maintaining a great circadian rhythm and nutrient dense, fresh foods, the rest takes care of itself. Motivation and weight gain are no longer an issue.

As for myself, I do not stay as lean as I was in those pictures, but close. I am usually about 2 months away from looking that way. I stay in the 8-11%BF range, depending on any number of factors. I am a litle bit bigger now (muscle mass) due to the change in focus in training (Big Dawgs and Catalyst) and the higher quality diet I eat.
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