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Re: Total knee dislocation ACL/PCL/MCL/Meniscus

Thanks for the words of support. I met w/ surgeon yesterday 12 days post op from ACL/PCL reconstruction. By the way, I am being treated by Mayo Clinic Rochester's top two multiligament reconstruction specialists. My surgeon yesterday disclosed that he hadn't expected to need to do my 2nd surgery as the April surgery to repair MCL/meniscus reconstruct would have likely left my leg so stiff that physical activity would be limited by scar tissue making next repair unnecessary. He loves what has happened in the healing (even calls me a rockstar with a miracle knee) and now feels I am moving toward a much more complete recovery. He called this injury the worst medial side knee injury he has seen.
Very conservative followup now. At 3 weeks I will start the PT of flexing my knee while on my stomach. No hamstring activation is to protect my PCL allograph. Now I think I will be non weight bearing 6 or more weeks. They don't want my tibia to shift back or damage to PCL. Also said he does not want me to bend anymore than 90 degrees before 3 months. He wants me to let allographs heal and not push due to so much reconstruction. Seems crazy when the normal is to push to get that flexion back. I was even told to avoid quad sets as he doesn't want my tibia rotating back. He really focuses on avoiding tibia movement until things firm up. Only time I take brace off since surgery is to shower and knee range now is probably zero to 40 degrees. My only PT is straight leg lifts which are easy so keeping my quad strong still and lots of foot pumps. Its going to be a long January and beyond. Pain is minimal and not taking oxycodone by 7 days post op.
From where I started and where I am at now, I would highly recommend my Mayo Rochester surgeons. Not sure if names can be used here but if anyone wants their names let me know.
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