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Re: Total knee dislocation ACL/PCL/MCL/Meniscus

Originally Posted by Ari Sherwood View Post
Wow, that's quite a history. Truly the "unhappy triad", as I've heard it called. But at least your menisci are in good shape!

Sounds like you're taking it all in stride and working hard on recovery, which is great. Keep on doing what you're doing and listen to your OS/PT.

Just curious - why are you non-weight bearing for 3 weeks? When I had my ACL recon and had my mensicus trimmed at the same time, I was weight bearing within a few days. Given your mensicus is intact, I'm surprised they wouldn't let you bear weight, especially if you were stable before recon.

Also, I'm curious about them keeping you from activating your hammie. Is this because of the PCL recon? I thought hammie activation was more of an issue for people who have a hamstring autograft, not an allograft.

Good luck with the continued recovery!
Some docs are super conservative about when they weight bearing and when they want rehab to start and whatnot. I think the literature is starting to show that early WB and mobility, if safe, is good. But docs are allowed to do what they want for that

PCL is no hammies for a while.

Just like ACL they don't want any OKC quad activity in the 0-45 deg range and no CKC >60 deg for a couple weeks as puts stress on fragile ligaments (I think those numbers are correct... they might be off though just FYI)
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