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Half Marathon Results (~19-min faster)

Just finished October 2010 San Jose Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon (flat course, 13.1 miles), shaving ~19-minutes off my finish time at the November 2009 Big Sur Half Marathon (flat course, 13.1 miles). Crossfit works and works well but we knew that already (grin)

I did some air squats at the San Jose Half Marathon finish line, not sore at all, thinking about sneaking off to the Crossfit box to do the Crossfit Endurance "Strength & Conditioning Recovery Workout"

Only significant training in the 11-months between the two half-marathons was Crossfit HQ WODs and Crossfit Endurance WODs. Although I've been doing Crossfit for a year now, it has only been in the last three-months that I joined an actual Crossfit box. Big difference in the workout intensity between doing Crossfit on your own and at a box.
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