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Re: Help me help my wife!

My husband left this up on the computer. We went through the same thing. When my husband started CrossFit, I hated it. I first looked at it as something that took time away from our family time. He tried and tried to get me try it out with him. I did a few here or there but it wasn't fun for me because I didn't see any results. It wasn't until I started training with a trainer through a gym and started seeing a little results that I really started to push myself. I first started with the diet. I started the zone diet and lost 5 lbs immediately and that really gave me a boost. I am a numbers person. When I saw that that was working I then went from training at the gym to occasionally doing a WOD with my husband and when I paired the two together I got huge results. I started out by doing CF on my own back in April and only recently went to an Affiliate because I was getting frustrated when I couldn't do a complicated WOD on my own. That really bumped up my motivation because I was finally getting the proper training. I know you said there isn't anyone close but you may look at trainers in town to see what they base their workout programs off of. It may help her to get excited about CF and fitness in general if she's working out with a professional. I know you really want her to workout with you but to start off with she just may not be comfortable yet because you have been doing it for a while and you are in better shape. Get her a trainer or a membership and let her discover fitness on her own. This is what worked for me. I now will do a few WODs with my husband but we both share the love for CF.
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