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Help me help my wife!


I've been doing CF for roughly a couple of months (albeit sporadically!) and i'm absolutely hooked! I'm 24 from Adelaide in Australia, 6' and 72kg - i think that's about 165lb for all the Yanks out there

Anyway, i'm not too unfit - i was already in the Australian Army Reserve when i discovered CF - and I'm gradually working my way into the new exercises and WODs, so that's not a drama. My question is in regards to how to introduce my lovely wife into CrossFit without intimidating her with the exercises or starting her off too hard and her not being able to move for the next week!

My wife is 28, 5' 6", about 194lbs and it has been a while since she has been able to workout much - we have 2 kids, a 3yo girl and 18mth old boy - but she is keen to give this a crack with me. Unfortunately she is not really familiar with a lot of the exercises and we don't have convenient access to an affiliate locally.

At the moment the garage gym is still very much a work in progress (I do my workouts at a nearby school playground, restricted to bodyweight exercises).
The equipment i have so far is:

skipping rope
med ball 4kg (9lb)
dumbells (adjustable up to no more than 20lb each - not 100% sure)
barbell (the crappy kind using same weights as above)
wooden dowel for barbell technique training

plus, i will hopefully order a pair of elite rings in the next few days, i also have plans to make a 20" box imminently and a pullup bar a little while after that. Oh, i also have a couple of hessian sandbags just waiting to be filled. Sadly an Oly bar and bumper plates would appear to be a little further down the track... So, not exactly CFHQ, but I feel like there is definitely potential lurking.

Any advice i could get would be greatly appreciated as i really want to be able to get my wife involved in something i am so passionate about, plus i feel like if she can get a taste of it gradually and start to feel some results, then she'll be just as hooked as i am.

Thanks in advance, guys
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