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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Stephen, great rowing work. My gym has a C2 rower, but the computer/monitor/whatever is usually broken, and I have never figured out where the damper setting is despite having researched that. So when I row, it is usually just 2 minutes of rowing, 4 minutes of rowing, and I have no idea if I am going far or fast. I just figure pushing hard for 2 minutes puts me in the neighborhood of a 500m row.

Glad your injury is coming along well. I have had few injuries doing Crossfit. Everything has usually healed well. I have some chronic problems with the achilles band from the bottom of my calf to the top of my heel. Usually flares up when I do much road running or much distance. So, I never go more than a 5k, and usually stick to much less. Treadmill running is definitely easier on it, and sometimes I get on the bike like you.
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