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Re: Birthday WODs

This is just challenging enough and it scales from year to year based on the "recipient's" age.

3 rounds, with rest intervals (see below):
- Strict Pull Ups
- Overhead Squats (50% bodyweight)
- KB swings (25% bodyweight, round up to the next half pood)

Max reps at each exercise, count up your reps from station to station. Your total reps for each round must equal or surpass 100 minus your age (ie. 26 year old must bang out 74 total reps per round … this gets “easier” as you get older).
If you fail to meet the rep count, you foul and must penalty-spell "Happy Birthday to "yournamehere" in burpees ... <It's 15 burpees plus the number of letters in your first name, ie "Hedge" = 15 plus 5 burpees, 20 penalty burpees> ... for this, it's good if your name's short and bad if your age isn't long.

No rest between stations during the rounds! If you come off the bar, your pull ups are done. If you dump the BB, your squats are done. If your swings are broken or you set down the bell, or it flies out of your hands, you're done.

3 rounds, rest 2 minutes between rounds, or after your burpees.

Don't scale the weight or the reps, just pay the friggin' price.
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