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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Wednesday morning - i didn't sleep that well last night as it was quite hot outside, this is the first real heat for the year. Both of us are feeling quite good after yesterday, no major issue but we can feel that we did a lot of reps.

Plan - Partner Hit the magic number

Warm up
4min on the AAB just to get the blood flowing

light stretch and mobility to prepare for what was to come
warm up with the barbell only with the movements

Hit the magic number
Partner workout - together lift as much or as little weight as you like, complete as many reps and rounds as you like but together we had to lift in total:

6000kg - Squat
6000kg - Bench press
8000kg - Deadlift

This was really good and it also gave me a chance to test my knee with some heavier weights. All but 4 rounds were rounds of 10 reps unbroken where the wife did a 15,15,20 rep on the bench press and i did the last deadlift round for 15 reps at 100kg.

Weights used by us were:
Wife -
Squat 25-40kgs (55-88lbs)
Bench press - 20-35kgs (44-77lbs)
Deadlift - 35-50kgs (77-110lbs)

Myself -
Squat 40-80kgs (88-176lbs)
Bench press - 40-60kgs (88-132lbs)
Deadlift - 80-100kgs (176lbs-220lbs)

This took us an hour to complete, no rush at all, all solid reps.

Cool down
clean up and stretch for 20min
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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