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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Cheers Vic, things are getting back to normal again. Knee is holding out at 25%, will start increasing over the coming few weeks.

Wednesday morning... this is going to be a 5 day week tihs week... Wife is up to it . Wife was tired this morning as things catch up on her this week, apart from that she was a little sore in places from yesterday but most important no forearm issues from the pull ups whch is great.

Plan - This is going to be a long one

Warm up
Row 4min to get the blood flowing
Pipe work and some light mobility

Test everything that was to come and set the limits we need to follow

25min in total i would say.

This is going to be a long one
Plan is to work between 40 and 80% of capacity. This varies depending upon the planned load. I would have liked to push it a little harder but i need to wait a few more weeks, but i am getting there.

1 running clock @ 40min

5 rounds each x 2 min
Min 1 - AAB - 7/10 calories
Min 2 - Medball Carry strongman style on shoulder 2 x 20m, 23/40kgs (50/88lbs)

4 rounds each x 4 min
Min 0-2 - Ski-erg - 14/20 calories
Min 2-4 - 4 burpees + 4 KB swings 16/24kgs (35/53lbs)

3 rounds each x 6 min
Min 0-3 - Row - 25/40 calories
Min 3-6 - 10 sit-ups, 10 push ups, 10 air squats

This was a good workout, not to stressfull but kept the heart pumping so that we got a sweat on.

The averages time to complete the AAB, Ski, Row were:

Wife - 7 cal = 40 sec, 14 cal = 1.30, 25 cal= 2.00
Myself - 10 cal = 25 sec, 20 cal = 1.20, 40 cal= 2.00

We both really enjoyed today, it was fun, we had time to chat a little inbetween getting down to business. Of course we wanted to beat each other on each part but we had to be smart and not blow out anywhere.

Cool Down
clean up everything
stretch and mobility for 20min
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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