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Re: UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi

Originally Posted by Celio Silva View Post
Am I riding a high horse for simply promoting a good attitude or are you just at me for calling it as I see it?
No you're on a high horse for looking down your nose at me because of my attitude as if you're somehow morally superior and thus feel sorry for me because I'm not.

You don't even realize but you are promoting the very thing you are condeming. You're tired of all the love for Lebron & Nate and don't wanna hear it? What about your senseless hate for Nate and Lebron? Same things, different sides of the cycle, which perpetuate one another...
Well the moment I get my own television network and do nothing but talk about how much I dislike Lebron then I'll be on the same level as the constant love that's beat into my head every time I turn on an NBA show.

I am no better than any other man. I am just of the philosophy that if you don't have anything good to say, then ...
I'm of the philosophy that if you dislike something then speak up.

I am out of this..... stay positive brother and focus on yourself, life is too short... and remember, if you are gonna care about someone wish them good thoughts, even if they are highly successfulll...

Book Tour coming up in 2011...
I prefer to balance my positive and negative emotions. It keeps stress down when I let the negative ones out.
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