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Re: Starting over with Starting Strength

Humbling indeed, but just the therapy that my previously dislocated shoulders need for increased stability. It's amazing how much that one part of my body regressed over the winter when I wasn't doing much of anything but skiing. I've got them hung on the porch, so I get to pop out there and play with them anytime. I'm sure it will make a big difference just being able to do skin the cats, dips, and L-sits. Tested myself last night on the CF North 30-second standard and found that doable, but the rings were shaking like a couple of frightened puppies at the end. High-work moves like dips and MUs are great, but I think it's an even better workout for me to push to the point of static hold failure. I can really feel it in the shoulder stablizers and know it will do me a world of good.

Thanks for checking in.
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