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Re: The Zone and Muscle Mass

Hi Steve

when you say you have a hard time putting on muscle, does this also go for fat? Or do you tend to gain fat easily on excess calories, but not muscle?

Either way, you can gain weight on the 'zone' diet, just like you can gain weight on any diet - the key is to intake more calories than you expend. On the zone this would mean, keeping blocks as they are and increasing the fat to 2- 3x or higher perhaps.

Honestly though, I wouldn't recommend the zone to people trying to gain weight, because there really is no need to be so anal about intake... unless you really like counting almonds and what not.

Eat a lot of good food, (meat, veggies, fruits, fats etc.) as much as you want, if you can tolerate dairy well, start drinking a few cups of whole milk each day.

Since you only want to gain a few lbs, you won't be needing a HUGE calorie increase, just a few hundred extra calories a day.
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