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Hamstring Tightness??

Hi!! I'm an 18 year old elite athlete (javelin), and I've had my far share of injuries over the years! Although a few months back I was doing a regular pool running sessions but slipped over pool side and did the splits! I didn't think much of it at the time as I'm pretty flexible anyway, there was no sudden pain and had no pain with running, squats, or lifting but only experienced 'pain' when directly activating the hamstring or stretching it. Although when I say pain, it's more of a really bad muscle fatigue/soreness and toughness rather than a sharp pain people normally refer to when they talk about hamstring strains/tears.

Almost 3 months after the incident, I still struggle with strengthening and stretching my hamstring, with this severe muscle soreness lasting for days even after really light stretching. Just wondering if anyone else has had ongoing hamstring issues and could possibly shed some light on what may be causing the discomfort.

Any suggestions for exercises other than just the usual (hamstring curls, nordics etc)?? Thanks!
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