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Re: New Android app - Crossfit WOD Tracker

I've seen quite a bit of traffic to the app's website thanks to this post. I just wanted to update this topic with some new information.

I offered a free version of the app and amassed just under 2,000 users. I've since begun offering a paid version and has enjoyed some limited success with it. I've spoken to a lot of users, solved a lot of problems, and gathered some awesome feedback.

The new market URL isTM violation spam. The app is $1.50 and is my baby. I love doing CrossFit (TM) and love combining my passion (programming) with my new favorite "hobby".

The new homepage for the app has changed since my first post about it. I've moved to

I won't prolong this post by listing all that my app has to offer. If you want more information, either visit the blog or email me -