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Being incredibly lean isn't really dependent on caloric intake (to some extent). More importantly, you need to focus on macronutrient composition and specific forms of exercise. When it comes to getting as lean as possible, it is important to tinker with your macro's. You probably want to start out by droping carbs as low as possible (without neglecting important micro nutrients), while racketing up the protein and fat in your diet. A good rule of thumb is lots of lean meats, green veggies, healthy fats, and not much else most of the time. You should stick to these guidlines on all days except for days on met-con workouts, as adequate muscle glycogen is needed for such intense exercise. Instead, on met-con days try to eat some dense starchy carb sources like sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, and other tubers. However, be sure not to go overboard or it will become very hard to get as lean as you desire. You may find that getting this lean will negatively affect your performance as a matter of course (probably not something you want as a police officer). In addition, tinker with caloric intake: one day keep calories quite low, and the next day up them above baseline, then bring them back to normal the next day, then repeat. Keep it random so that your metabolism is always guessing. As for exercise, continue to do the WOD but with an emphasis on met-con workouts. Hit the met-cons HARD and you'll get lean. In addition, try to avoid aerobics as much as possible as they will compromise lean muscle tissue, thereby detering your body comp. goals. So if Coach or Lauren post a 10k run for the WOD just sub in your favorite met-con workout and hit it HARD. Some other important factors are getting plenty of sleep, drinking adequate levels of water, and keeping a hold on stress. I also feel that mild stressors like cold water dousing and stimulants work well for gettgin incredibly lean. For example, for the last minute of taking a shower wtich the water to as cold as possible and stand in it with every muslc ein your body tensed. Drinking coffee or teas randomly (beware of excesses, however) seem to also have a thermogenic effect. The key with this is randomness and mild stress, NOT chronic stress. As an end note, my best advice to you as a police officer is to not worry about body comp. and rather to chase performance instead; you'll probably find that improved body comp. will follow. Nevertheless, if you insist on great body comp. over performance, try the above approach and you'll likely become quite lean.
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