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Hi everyone. I'm 32 5"9 and 175 lbs. w/31 1/2 inch waist. I've read the previous posts and decided to get my bodyfat down to 5% and then add fat while using paleo/zone diet. First, can someone give me an idea of what 5% bodyfat looks like w/o having it tested (i.e. what would a typical bodyweight be for someone with my age,height,waistline, far as bodyweight? I'm guessing that right now it's somewhere in the 6% to 9% range, I can see the outline of my abs especially when flexed. Next question, once I'm at the 5% range, can you give me an idea of what my total caloric intake should be in order to see my abs,stay lean yet pack on muscle? I'm a police officer and currently do the WOD as my only form of exercise. I would REALLY appreciate any help. Thanks guys.
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