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Diary of a Fat Troll

Well, since i am motivated enough(more like bored and have nothing else to do) , I'm gonna start to log my road to recovery.

Near the end of April 2010, I started to get sinovitis and patellar tracking issues in both my knees, severely in my right. Come May, I could barely walk and was not able to go up or down stairs, let alone work out. I was training for a marathon with my roommate and starting powerlifting at the same time (I am a noob powerlifter, only done it for about 4 months). Bad combo.

Since my little overtraining accident, I have gone from weighing 175lbs, 315lb squat, 385lb deadlift, 205lb bench to weighing 195lbs, 0lb squat, 185lb deadlift (first attempt in four months, lots of pain), and 235 bench.


1: Be able to run a mile again. I dont care what the time is, I just want to be able to run again. The last run I did was 15 miles in a little over two hours. Pretty good for a troll with short legs, IMO.

2: Be able to squat again! Squatting is addicting. I love it and miss every moment with it.

3: Lose the fat I gained. I dont care if I have a six pack or not. I just need to lose the weight. It doesnt help with the knee recovery having the extra 20lbs or so.

4: Get my cardio back to where it was before the knee SNAFU

5: Break 1000 by the end of the year. I had 905 and would have been over 1000 by now if I hadnt been so gung ho. I am my own worst enemy sometimes.

6: Start doing Crossfit at the gym. 'Nuff said.

Im gonna post up some really embarrassing pictures of my fat self some time in the near future.

Now, for the log itself.
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