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Ben Cully
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Looking for a little help at editing my zone and nighttime hunger

First off my stats. 31 male, following the starting strengh program, 14% BF,
5'9, 200lbs. I am on a paleo/zone diet strickly and I have been at 18 blocks, and 2x the fat. I did some reading and seems some feel 18 blocks of protien is not enough, like the 1 to 1.5 per lb of LBM. I am guessing I am about 172lbs LBM"Lean Body Mass" so I should be more like 25 blocks. "1 block is 7 grams, 7x25=175" am I on point with this math? I am leaning down but I am thinking I may be starving myself on the protien side. I am liking the 2x fats and once I get a little more leaned out I will add some. I am eating very clean, chicken, lean red meat, shrimp, fish, veggies, tons of salsa, little fruit, and mostly nuts.

Second I am having a hard time sleeping at night, I wake up hungry as heck...especially for crap food. Any tips on a diet change to help keep me full at night? Thanks in advance..... Cully
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