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Well since I usually have carbs everyday (In the form of salad or other veggies) with all of my meals (3-4 meals a day;2-3 light-medium meals and my 1 monster 2000-3000 calorie plus meals), the carbload isn't much of a loading up process, but more of a replacing the fat in my meals with carbs. The trend lately tends to be a huge salad and a few bannanas. I try to get a decent portion of protein in that day, but like I've told you before, I'm not to anal about counting quanities. The carb day is kinda to provide variation and as a preventive measure, due to the excessive volume (crossfit 5x a week + running 3 x a week + GTG everyday) I've been doing lately. Sometimes I make it a cheat day, but I hate feeling like crap from eating to much carbs. As for as results I see it mostly in my performance(times on the WOD), and approaching 30 pull-ups (25), but I haven't gained any weight and remain steady at about 175-180. Definitely haven't gained any bodyfat, don't measure, but it is apperent.

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