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I'll move it.

Today I was driving back to the office after doing a site survey when the transmission (among other things) suddenly went out in the company car! I quickly pulled over to the side of the road which didn't have much shoulder. The car wouldn't start, naturally. My coworker called the office to have someone come pick us up. The following conversation between myself and the coworker went something like this.

Me: There is more room up there, maybe we could push the car.
Coworker: I don't know, it's a bit of an uphill push.
*Sitting for a few minutes as cars speed by inches from us.*
Coworker: I'm getting kind of nervous that they're going to hit us. I'm putting my seatbelt back on!
Me: Can you reach the steering wheel from the passenger seat?
Coworker: Yeah...
Me: Keep us out of the road, I'll move it.

I got out and pushed it once. It went about two feet then rolled back.

I backed off about 10 feet then ran and hit it as hard as I could. I kept pushing and basically sprinted 50 meters pushing the car up hill, in my dress shoes, in gravel.

My coworker outweighs me by a good 50 pounds, but there is no way he could have moved the car. It felt good to be able to take care of the situation.

Thanks, Crossfit!
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