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Re: 2012 Open, Regional and Games thread

Well, it's nice they didn't learn some of the lessons from last year. Always good to know.

Problem One: Region determined by address on arbitrary date. Because no one ever moves or is on travel or lives closer to one venue than another. Asia Region was the biggest offender as it had people a two hour flight to Europe flying 9,000 miles to compete in Japan. Let people register for the region of their choice. This ain't the olympics where it's countries competing. These are individual events using an efficient manner to get the best to face off at the finals. Plus, spreading the high end of the talent pool early on ensures you get 60 of the best at the finals.

Problem Two: only top 60 open finishers are invited to Regionals. Look at last year. Some regionals were half filled or worse. Just give a 7 day opt-in or opt-out for all open competitors, then allow the top 70 opt in people to pay for registration. The extra 10 are just stand-by and can fill in on Region day or have their registration returned.

If they solve these two problems, I think it's reasonable to make all open fees at $20. In addition, they can then base number of athletes going to the finals on actual open numbers.

Suggestion for Open: Make a rule that affiliates have to upload video of their open competition events. The affiliate should have the ability to link this video to all the athletes featured in the video. This'll help increase fan enthusiasm seeing how the top players are doing.

Suggestion for Regional: On ladder event like last year's thruster ladder, allow an athelete to continue lifting if they believe a judge made a bad call. Video review latter, if found to be in the athlete's favor, won't mean holding a new event.
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