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Shaun Gross
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Re: Shaun's workout log

Saturday 8 December 2012

Bench Press

20kg x 1 x 5
50kg x 1 x 5
70kg x 1 x 3
92.5kg x 1 x8
102.5kg x 1 x 5 (PR for 5)
107.5kg x 4 x 2

My bench felt crap today. I actually was going for 3 on the first set of 107.5kg but failed without a spotter and had to do the roll of shame, haha. I have done lots of pressing lately so my triceps were probably quite tired.

Clean Pulls - With Straps

110kg x 1 x 3
130kg x 5 x 3

I didn't want to deadlift due to it beating me up pretty badly lately. I decided to do some clean pulls instead and they went really well. I was getting the bar quite high - I'm confident I could get under this weight with some practice..

Light Conditioning - Mow the lawns in the sun for 45 minutes

Back Squats

160kg x 10 x 3

These felt good and pretty fast. Glad to do some good volume

Strict Pullups

5 x 5

Felt easy. My elbows didn't feel too bad either.

Good days training
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