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Mike Gray
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Hey Travis!

I'm a newbie myself, so I don't believe a word I say - but I noticed that we have a few things in common.

Though I've got another decade to go before I hit 44, I do notice that we have some pretty similar issues: acceptable lower body and speed stuff (decent squats, deadlifts, 400 times and all that - and I don't often lose a sprint), but pretty shameful upper body strength. I'm also a 6'0 guy hovering somewhere around you old weight.

One thing some CF-ers in this forum have recommended to me is to add 50-100 pushups to my warmup. On days when I don't have a pec-tri intensive WOD (with today's combo of wall-balls and push-presses it was out of the question), I've been adding six sets of ten pushups to the warm up. Of course, it makes the warm up feel like the Baton Death March, but I'd like to think it's helping ...
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