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Scott Tanis
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Dan, thanks for the encouragement.
Well, I just went out for my second group WOD session this afternoon with CF Columbus (Ohio). Last week I couldn't finish one round after the warm-up drils. Today, I managed to finish 3 of 4 rounds. I managed to avoid Pukie - my muscles (and my lungs) just gave out. But, I'd say I'm making some ground. In fact, I feel pretty good this evening - tired, but not sore or overly fatigued.
I've also come to the conclusion, that due to my prior training, my lower body strength is quite acceptable (for now), and my form isn't too bad either. I really need to work harder on upper body and core strength, and my stamina/endurance. So i'm going to start just doing the WODs.
Of course losing 25-40 pounds of body fat certainly wouldn't hurt - so to that end, I've gone on the Zone "hard core" (just started the Zone yesterday after getting the books from library).

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