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Hey all,
Just found CF on 3/8 from a video link in a T-Nation article about the muscle-up.
A little background: 44 yr old male, 6', 225lbs from Columbus, OH. I was a triple athlete - football, basketball, track (sprints, hurdles), and I did 6 yrs in the Marine Corps (Active Reserves). Sadly, after 25 years of marriage, kids and sitting behind a desk, ballooned up from 175, to 240lbs. About 3 years ago I decided it was time for a drastic change. I started a program of high-intensity weight training and high-intensity interval cardio (i.e., 1 minute jump rope for max reps, 1 minute rest x6), and a diet of 40, 30, 30 (never heard of Zone until CF - just made sense based on my own research). Managed to drop 40lbs of fat, add 20lbs of LBM, drop 9 inches off my waist (scale weight of 200lbs) and went from resting heart rate of 72 down to 64 in 2 years, but was disillusioned with the results in terms of functional/athletic performance improvement and the joint problems - especially elbows - that the program produced. Enter an 8 month training lay-off and putting back on an extra 25lbs, I'm now excited to have found CF as I began looking for ways to improve on my previous programming.
As I mentioned above, I found CF on 3/8, bought a CFJ subscription on 3/9, spent the following week with cold/flu studying the CF site, found CF Columbus and joined their group workout on 3/17, jumping in with both feet (I'm very competetive) - and nearly died (well, it felt like it anyway) about 1/3 of the way through. Humbled, but not discouraged, I started the Beginner Workout with the official CF Warm-up and Bob Anderson Stretching on Monday, figuring the best thing I could do now is rebuild my foundation, establish good form/technique and work on flexibility - especially shoulders, hip flexors and posterior chain. I plan to participate in the CF Columbus group session again this weekend, but I'll scale back the intensity enough so I can finish the workout. BTW, Bill and Troy are really great - they understood when I dropped out of the workout, they encouraged me through my self-imposed humiliation, and Bill is taking time this weekend to coach me in form/technique on my foundations.
I'm looking forward with great anticipation to a long love-hate (love the results, hate the prescription) relationship with the CF community.
Never say die!

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