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Back Squat form check

Going with my deadlift discussion, I would like to offer up what I believe may be my worst lift: the Back Squat. So, when I was at affiliates, with the exception of the CrossFit Total I never really did Back Squats. It is a lift I have never learned how to do via 1 on 1 or group instruction. It has all been self taught using Starting Strength as my reference point.

My goal is to low bar back squat with the deepest depth I can reach. This is the 3rd set at 245#. Usually I would try to go shirtless in digital coaching so people can see my back (if it rounds, ect) more clearly, but I just can't do it for Squatting. (WFS, apologies for the other threads)

So, the biggest take away from today is that I felt like my lower back did a little more work than my legs. At least, right after the set was done. It felt like my back REALLY rounded in 2 of those reps, but 3 of them were pretty solid to how I feel. I can post any updated loads, reps, angle upon request much faster than deadlifts, because I do these on Monday and Thursday every week.

Second take away - I was doing 275x5 (X3) in trying to go down to what I thought "just below parallel" and probably wasn't reaching the depth I want to reach. So I went back to 235 and am working my way back up at 5 pounds a workout until I hit a wall. This time I am trying to "bottom" out for my flexibility. Thanks in advance.
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