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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday morning and we are both a little sore in the upper back area.

Plan – Snatch

Warm up
AAB 4min
Pipe and bands for shoulder mobility
Barbell only warm up for everything else, make sure we felt good before we got into it.

As I mentioned I think it was last week that we need to get back into this and the best way is to be smart about it.
Technique is the most important thing. Only move up if the last lift was good.

Snatch balance - 15min
Been a while since last. Nice and light from the start and increase the weight just to get used to dropping fast and catching the bar in the hole.
Wife did 15 and I took it only to 40kgs.

Snatch – 60min
We both had our own plan as how we wanted to tackle things today. Basically we had no idea where it would end.
Both rusty at the start but with the light weights it got quite good very fast.

Wife’s technique started to get better and it looked so smooth, catching the bar solid in the hole.
Only when it got a little heavier did she think too much and missed a few lifts. Towards the end things got good so I took the time to film her so that we can look at it later.

Wife equaled her PR of 25kgs/55lbs multiple times.
15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25kgs no idea how many lifts she completed.

Myself – the last time I did this many lifts was ages ago. I have no idea how many lifts I did but I would say 30% were good really solid lifts, I missed/bailed out on 10-12 today think
40, 45, 50, 60, 65kgs, 60kgs

I took it up to 65kgs/143lbs and then went back down to 60kgs. I hit a couple of good lifts at 65 but also bailed out on a couple and I was getting tired so to be smart I dropped the weight.
On the whole I am pleased.

Our progression from this is to get back into heavy OHS as we have not done any since before my surgery. The feel of heavy OHS will help a lot later.

Cool down
Stretch for 15min or so
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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