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Re: Old man Dave firefighter combat challenge

Fred: Will give your suggestion a try on the attempt. I need to run from the hose pull to the dummy which will save a little. I do throw the dummy up before I lift. Anything to shave a couple of seconds! Thanks again. Hope your training is going well.

Warm up:
200 meter run (all runs on treadmill)
50 jumping jacks
30 squats
150 single unders

Progressive warmups with #135/45. 185/50, squats and kettlebell swings

For time:

15 reps squats #225
15 reps kb swing #60
400 meter run

12 reps squat #225
12 reps kb swing #60
400 meter run

9 reps squat #225
9 reps kb swing #60
400 meter run


That sucked, but in a good way! Next time will go for 21,15,9.
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