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Re: asymmetrical lifting (soreness on one side)

I read this online..

For the Bench..

4) Lowering the bar/pressing the bar unevenly - happens for the same reasons as the "lift one leg". One side will be stronger or more flexible, so the bar will typically be lowered farther on this side than the weak/tight side. While pressing, one side will shoot up and the other side (the weak side) gets stuck. This is a shoulder joint wreck waiting to happen. If you have issues with this, and you have been working on your barbell bench press technique for a few months, then IMMEDIATELY get rid of the bar and do 2 exercises: DB presses and dips. If you're crooked on these, you will be forced to correct the asymmetry.

My bench seems to be pretty good although I do catch myself with an uneven bar sometimes. Maybe I need to just concentrate on keeping it even. And that may involve going down in weight.

I also thought it could be lack of neuro-muscular activity on my less dominant left side of my body. I have heard that with strength training your body will eventually even out but in what time frame are we talking about here I wonder?

I think I am going to double - triple check my form again and look for tweaks. Maybe that is the key here.
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