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asymmetrical lifting (soreness on one side)

I made a post about this before but I never really resolved anything. I figured I could use some more input.

I have been lifting well these days. I concentrate on good form and appropriate intensity.

The thing is that I always get sore on my right side more than my left. For example...

Yesterday I did bent over rows, push press, lat pulldowns, barbell cleans from the waist, and bench. (some others too).

Today I am sore as hell in my right lat but not even the slightest bit in my left lat. I video taped myself doing my bent over row and I look even and symmetrical. I dont know what the issue is here. The strange thing is that even if I use dumbells I still have the same issue.

The same thing happens to me for just about every exercise I do. Even if it is light reps.

When I feel the right side of my torso it feels hard and lean. When I feel the left side it feels soft and plush.

How is this possible? Why is this happening? Why wont my body even out?
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