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Thumbs up Re: Training an obese woman

Now she has a total loss of 9 pounds. We are seeing great progress.

Her starting numbers were....

Squat: 45lbs

Deadlift: 50lbs

Seated Overhead Press: 8lbs each hand

Push Press: 8 pounds each hand

2pt Row: 8lbs

Bent Over Row: 8lbs each hand

Bench Press: 45 lbs

Half Pushups: Off the side of the bench

3 sets of planks off the knees: 20 seconds

Her best numbers are now....

Squat: 80 lbs

Deadlift: 85 lbs

Seated Overhead Press: 20lb each hand

Push Press: 20 lb each hand

2 pt Row: 30 lbs

Bent Over Row: 45 lbs

Bench Press: 65lbs

Half Pushups: From knees on the ground

3 sets of normal planks: 20 seconds

I am so proud of her. She is doing very well!
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