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Re: Training an obese woman

Originally Posted by Pearse Shields View Post
This may be a bit late, and I haven't read the whole thread, but my recommendation for a "lat pulldown" type exercise would be bodyweight rows. Lay a barbell across the safeties in a power rack, or adjust the bar height in a smith machine. Have the client maintain a "plank" position, and pull themselves to the bar. As they get stronger you can decrease the height of the bar.

Thanks for the idea.

I ended up buying a squat rack that includes a 2 pulleys and so she can do her lat pulldowns now.

I would just like to say that I originally wanted to keep her rest periods at 60 but I ended up changing them. When she does 10 reps she rests 60, 12 reps for 30 seconds, and 8 reps for 90 seconds.

I will post her numbers when I get to work on thursday. She made some impressive gains!
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