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William Irvin
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Greetings everyone. New to crossfit and this is my first post. I have been reading for a couple weeks and trying to get the theory to soak in. I am a 28 y/o ex-collegiate/semi-pro rugger who is currently in the Navy. I have a little Shootfighting experience as well...nothing special. My goal is pretty simple...I was in BUD/S Class 240 and got some stress fractures in my hip area. I weighed about 225 when I was there (no fat) and my injuries were due to my size. So, ive waited out my recovery time and ive lost about 20 lbs and i'll be returning here very soon. I definitely like everything ive seen here and think it's an amazing regimine. Top notch people as well. I look forward to any guidance I can recieve from veteran crossfitters and I look forward to sharing any knowledge I have. Anyone in the Jacksonville, Fl area give me a holler.
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