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1. Squat

I have been constantly trying to perfect my technique and explosiveness in the squat. More specifically I have been trying to get lower and lower each time, while steadily upping the weights. What I am having conflicts about is my leg width and toe stance. I perform much better with a tad wider than shoulder width, and my toes pointing to 10-11 o´clock and 1-2 o´clock respectively. I generally have this duck feet tendency even while walking (don´t know what causes this) so it is much more comfortable for me to squat in this way. Question is, am I cheating?

2. Deadlift

Thanks to the super-kind Glassmans, my previous misconceptions and questions about the DL have dissapeared and have been answered. Upon receiving that free-journal copy of the DL however, one did spring up. Where does the rep start and end? I suppose the set starts once you pick the bar off the ground for the first time. It sounds kinda silly but do I have to lower the bar to just above ground level next rep around, and thus bend my knees in the process? Or do I go as low as possible without moving my knee joint (keeping it slightly bent)?

3. That ´´improvised´´ lift

I am known to grab a bar and try and do weird things with it from time to time. Basicallyt just variations of exercises. Some I´ve seen before, others I haven´t. This one starts in an ultra-wide deadlift position. Bar to the floor, toes almost touching the plates, back arced...I use a mixed grip and squat the weight up, then after a brief respite, I let the weight down to ´hang´, with my butt almost to the ground. The movement is then completed by squatting up to that previous rest position. The brief moment where the bar nears the end of its downward motion is where I feel most leg recruitment taking place in order to stop the fall, and give momentum to the subsequent squat.
The thing is, it might look like a deadlift and sound like a squat, but the mechanics of it, and the stress put on every single leg muscle is too spread out and varied for it to feel like any another DL or Squat variation I know of. Essentially, I feel it is great for quad work, glutes, and absolutely kills all stabilizers with that wide stance... I´m sure there´s something like it out there, or even a better exercise to develop what it achieves, but I just wanted to share it you guys!
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