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Re: Gloves for pullups???

Originally Posted by Frank Passalacqua View Post
Are those guys kidding!? That looks like regular old garden gloves...I guess I'll have to just try it out and see. Holding the bar in my fingers is tough @235!
When I learned how to do a kipping pull-up I was at 235 lbs (now 220). I tore quite a bit at the beginning of my CrossFit experience (started last May), but since then I've learned to constantly file my hands down, and also tape my hands up for workouts that have a high number of pull-ups. Learning how to care for my hands when I do tear was a huge benefit as well.

For taping, I found a method somewhere on this board that shows how to make little loops for whichever fingers you want to tape and then secure it all with a wrap around the wrist. I'll have to dig around for it.

Now, it's been about 4-5 months since I've had a significant tear, and my hands have built up nice thick callouses. There's going to be a learning curve when you start holding the bar properly with your fingers, but I'd just play around with whatever feels most comfortable for you and just take care of those hands!
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