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Re: UFC Live 6 - on versus

Finally watched it this morning. I agree that Wiman pulled out the win. Danzig is still employed b/c he brings it every fight and he KO'd Stevenson in his last match. He has a solid game but doesn't seem to excel in any one area. I don't think he evers breaks into the top 10.

That Struve v. Barry match was hard to watch. Ugh. What on earth where they thinking when they dreamed this up? I started fast-forwarded through the match until it hit the ground.

Early stoppage on Brennerman, but to be honest, I think it was inevitable and Yamasaki probably saved him from an unnecessary further beatdown. He was completely out-classed. Yamasaki would have had grounds to stop it earlier when Johnson was clubbing him from the ground with shots to the head and knees to the mid-section. Brennerman seemed paralyzed with " did i just get myself into????"
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