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Step by step the right approach?

I just finished my first week of Paleo. Wanted to give it a shoot long ago but was afraid of it because of my working schedule. I'm working in shifts as an airtrafficcontroller so there are no "regular" meal times for me. For a few years now I avoid sugar and drink only water or tea so no coke or stuff like that. But I was eating grains, rice, potatoes and all those things.
After one week of Paleo I must say I like the positive effects a lot. I don't feel like I just ate stones after my meal. I have a lot more concentration during times I would normally feel like I need to nap.
I never counted calories before and don't do it now. I followed my master plan: hungry -> eat something, not hungry anymore -> stop eating Which can be quite a lot food during a 12 hour shift. Though I only sit at work but it seems like my brain is devouring those steaks I put into my body in order to make those aircraft survive their trips^^

The downside of all of this is that all the cooking and preparing food is taking a lot of time. So when I come home late and have to get up early at 4am I'm not in the mood or even physically able to prepare anything My breakfast is always a shake because of that. 400ml milk, 1x swoop whey, 1 banana, 1 teaspoon peanut butter for the taste. I switched the milk for coconut milk and will stick to that.

So I think I will switch it to at least 1 meal per day Paleo only. Avoiding grains totally or as much as possible at least. So if I didn't prep a meal I will try and eat as healthy as I did the last few years but try and get some rice or potatoes instead of grains. I will avoid dairy products as much as possible also since I don't rly eat much of them anyway. But I like cottage cheese now and then or some berries with yoghurt and I don't think I'll cut that out.

What do you guys think of that approach? It is not Paleo only but my job involves a lot of stress anyway so I want at least my private life to be peaceful and I have to find the right way with the nutrtion. I can't (and don't want to) spend a lot of time buying, preparing and cooking stuff but I will try and include as much as possible into my daily life. Sounds like a plan?
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