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FBG and Barbells for Boobs Changing Dates

Hey gang, I have an idea to encourage more gyms to do a FGB style event for Barbells for Boobs( B4B. If you do not know B4B is "Amazing Grace" fundraiser to benefit Mammograms in Action.

The problem I see is that gyms do not give it very much importance w/ regard to making a big deal out of it as compared to FGB. I think one major reason for this is that its cause FGB JUST happened prior to October when B4B is supposed to happen.

My suggestion would be to move FGB to the Spring between the regional competitions and the Games. October is National Breast Cancer Month so B4B can not really be moved.

The benefit of this suggestion (moving FGB) is that gyms will be able to dedicate enough time to promoting BOTH events. In fact it would probably work perfect for gyms to have 2 charities 6 months apart or so.

What do you all think? What would it take to move FGB6 to a different date?

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