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Crossfit and Bulk

Hi guys,

I've been doing some CF for a few months, and loving it! I'm interested in getting more hardcore into it, but have some concerns.

I'm an equestrian vaulter. For those who don't know what it is:

I'm 5'3", somewhere around 145#. I've only recently been kicking a binge-eating problem. My coaches want me to start competing internationally soon, but they say (and I agree) I need to lose weight in order to make it. I'm interested in losing fat and gaining agility and power. However, since I have to wear spandex, be very supple and get lifted by other people, I don't want to put on a lot of bulk. Is it possible to reap the benefits of CF without gaining much muscle? Also, is paleo a good plan for my goals? I know a lot of you swear by zone, but I'm afraid being that anal will make me fall into my old bingeing ways...

Thanks for the help!

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