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Re: Chasing Virtuosity

Originally Posted by John Schneider View Post

Yes, I'm an MP. Where was your husband stationed?

As for what I'm reading, a lot of research and text books. I'm in grad school for exercise science. It's online which I thought would be easy, but I was very wrong. It is a lot of reading. The class discussion is like a directed message board each week. My Exercise Physiology class doesn't allow opinions to just be stated and doesn't allow anything that isn't from a peer edited journal as a source. It's a pain, but I'm learning a lot. "I also have a class on Research Enhancement and Injury Prevention" which is about the research process. The final for that class is to pick a research question and find every research article you can find on the subject and write a paper on the topic. I'm doing mine on the effect of metabolic conditioning on aerobic capacity. It'd be a lot easier if there were more pictures
Hey John~
Excellent reading. I am interested in reading your paper once completed on the effect of metabolic conditioning on aerobic capacity. May I ask what enticed you, as a MP, as a Marine, to choose exercise science for grad school? What was your undergrad? Pure curiosity on my part. I enjoy hearing people's story.
My husband enlisted in '84, stationed at El Toro, the Camp Butler/Foster, back to El Toro, went Mecep, 2 years of college at Norwich in VT, Quantico for TBS, Camp Butler/Foster, Camp Lejeune, Anniston AL for advan MP school, Lincoln NE as a MOI, back to Lejeune where he retired out of.
Have a great day~
Lisa Q
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