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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Snatch, front squat and OHS today

Warm up was an easy 100 calories on the rower with a stroke rate of 22.
Then onto wall balls and did around 50-60 of them to loosen up.

After last week I have a few things to work on, so it was light weight and concentrating on the pull from the hips and getting in that low position but keeping stable.

In between I did front squats for reps with 90kgs or 200lbs.

I have not been doing these that long, probably about 2 months.
So I started off with with the bar and in between I did front squats.
Worked up to a new PR of 7 reps at 60kgs. I could have gone heavier to get that 1 rep max but that was not important, I wanted proper form and the feeling of having the balance at the top and the bottom.

So a really good day today.

Wife had to go to work early today which was a great shame.. this is 2 days in a row without her beating my arse.... so looking forward to her coming back on Thursday
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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