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Re: Weightlifting in the US

Thanks folks, I was beginning to think this was an uninteresting topic.

The reason I said 10-20yrs was that I figured us middle-aged folks (I'm 36) would try and turn our kids on to weightlifting and some of us might be successful (I have three young girls and would love for them to take it up).

Lincoln, thanks for the heads up. We are actually leaving WA at the end of this month and headed back to GA. I hope to open a crossfit there within a year or so. Of course, irony of ironies is that while I was in college (Auburn University in Alabama) I worked for Les Simonton who does a lot for weightlifting in the southeast. I'm not sure if you've heard of him or not.

Too bad I wasn't interested at the time. That would have been 15yrs of training. We'll be about two hours away from Auburn, so hopefully I can get over to see him and get some instruction.

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