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Re: Weightlifting in the US

Crossfit has been a huge boost to the weightlifting community. For Crossfit to contribute to better results in international competition, Crossfitters need to start signing up their people for meets and hosting meets themselves. Some Crossfit gyms have begun doing this, some have not. Greg Glassman's original concept of the ideal Crossfitter was someone who was simultaneously a novice level gymnast, a novice level mid distance sprinter and a novice level weightlifter. If no one in the gym has ever competed in weightlifting, then no one can consider themselves at even the novice level. Out of many novices will come a few elite.

Howard - John Thrush from Calpians will be putting on several meets in your area soon, July I think.
Will you be there?

There's nothing like an official competition to add some focus to training.
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