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Female vs. Male Weights on Standard WOD's

In looking at the Girl & Hero WOD list on the main site FAQ, rarely is there a break out for female and male weights. Because it happens on some (I.E. Amanda) but not on others that seems to me that HQ has consciously decided that there shouldn't be a separation when doing this RX'd no matter your sex.

This same thought comes in the main sites WOD's. Once in a while there is a separation between male and female weights but rarely. In searching the main site there doesn't seem to be any guideline for this.

Then you look at boxes throughout the world and it seems that most boxes do a different standard for men and women even on the Girl and Hero WOD's. It looks like the female weights are around 70% of the guys. This holds true for many of the Open, Regional and Games events also.

In turn this has sparked some debate in our box among the coaches. We understand that each box can program for how they feel best for their athletes, but what about trying to compare your times to those around their whole CrossFit community. This raises the questions of when competitors post their times on their bio page are they per the main site or are they split out with the 70% structure.

So we are looking for thoughts on this from around the community and if anyone knows if HQ has come out with guidelines or recommendations regarding this.
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