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Re: Again Faster vs. Rogue Ultra Speed Jump Ropes

Originally Posted by Mike Moulder View Post
I may get sh*t for this, but if money's an issue I picked up a pretty good jump rope from Walmart. It's cable and turns pretty well, though I am not conditioned well enough for double unders yet so I'm not sure how well it does there. but it was $ 10 and has weights in the handles that you can remove. So far I've been pretty happy with it. when I can afford it I plan to get an Rx, but until then I'm rocking the cheapie.
I'm of the same mindset as you, until I can get double-unders going I'm staying cheap. HOWEVER, my Walmart rope that I've used maybe 25-30 times exploded, sending tiny plastic tubing bits, when the flimsy string broke. So, if you do go cheap, watch your potential "blast radius."
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