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Ross Hunt
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What methods do CrossFitters use to train weak points without overtraining?

I've been performing the WOD for just under two months. Based on my performance in the WODs, my weakest points seem to be max strength and strength-to-bodyweight ratio. The latter is slightly more of a problem than the former, probably because I'm just too darn light for my height. Since starting CrossFit, my aerobic/anaerobic conditioning has gone through the roof, but is not clear to me how much ground I have gained in these areas that are of most concern to me.

I have practiced pull-ups and squat singles to try to correct these weak points, but because the WOD is deliberately unpredictable, my extra practice has invariably hurt my performance in the WOD and has several times come close to driving me into overtraining.

Can anyone suggest in exercises, schedules, or other tricks that might help me work on these weak points in a way that would have a minimal impact on the WOD?
Any advice, even advice of the 'wait until you can do the WOD well to add extra exercise' variety, would be most welcome.

Ross Hunt
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