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Howard Wilcox
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Nah, it was on the left. While it is much, much better...there is still some sensation in the back. Whether that is just residual fading away or the fact I haven't used heavy weight in a while (though I'm still swinging kettlebells and using the rower). Because of the chiro post I started reading DonTigney's (sp?) stuff thinking it could still be SIJD. The most painful thing now is if I sleep on my side. KB swings don't matter much (so far no heavier than 53lbs)...but if I sleep on my side, pretty sore the next morning...though it doesn't stay long. A little moving and McKenzie extension stuff and it's mostly ok.

I have no idea honestly. The psoas did make a difference though...whether it was the cause or just an indicator of the real problem remains a mystery.

And for the record, Wayne I'm thoroughly enjoying all your posts, very informative.

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