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Re: PSA - Be careful ordering from suppliers offering big discounts

Originally Posted by Shawn M Wilson View Post
Wow hate to hear that for all of those folks. Sad when companies do that to people...
Yeah, it looks like their license/branches in other countries fell. Left people with no refund/no recourse besides trying to call their CC company.

From what those threads said, there is a lot of equipment they ordered headed back to it's destination cause they couldn't pay for it - a very bad sign. It's a tough position to be in.. do you tell people early on and sell a ton of stuff at 50% off, or just run a big sale for a few weeks and make as much as you can before you start having to sell equipment 'as is'. That is why mdusa was running flash sales and selling their comp plates and bars on sale all the time, they were just running out of cash and knew where it was headed. Then finally ran the big as is sales. However, for all the people hoping to possibly use their warranty a year or two down the road. SOL.

What would you guys do?
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