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PSA - Be careful ordering from suppliers offering big discounts

There seems to be a strong trend here from some recent equipment suppliers in the crossfit scene, and some of the other forums have a lot more details. I'm not sure why nothing has been posted here, so I would like to put some light on this.

WFS 1)
WFS 2)

Essentially, some suppliers are having "pre-store closing clearance sales". Getting whatever amount of money they can get, before they have to sell gear at a bigger discount because if anything is wrong with it, you purchase it 'as is'.

Raw Equipment and MDUSA/Muscle Driver/Pendlay both ran a lot of sales, ran out of stock on a lot of items, then ran flash sales to sell as much as possible.. and now are gone. It seems like other suppliers are doing the same thing right now.

Why is this bad? A lot of reasons.
1. Certain wholesalers of their equipment in Canada/Aus have been left in the dust, out tens of thousands of dollars. Along with customers who have ordered and the company filed bankruptcy. They were told to wait, things were on back order.. a few months go by, then nothing. They took the money and knew full well that no equipment was en-route to them. Advice has been given on multiple outlets on facebook and whatnot to call up your CC company, but if the company goes belly up, how does a charge-back get any money from an empty/negative account? I don't know.

2. As highlighted in a very articulate post on one of the links(near the bottom). If a crossfit gym is using/abusing the gear at a high rate, and are hoping to warranty some of their items, they are out of luck. They purchased discounted gear, and will end up paying for it in the long run. Want to add on to your rig? Get gear that matches? Not going to happen.

You can read more detailed posts on both threads about people who knew the inner workings of these businesses.

I think this is in a 'gray area' at best, and immoral at worst - screwing over people in what is supposed to be a community. I urge people who are looking to start up a gym or make a larger investment to outfit their home gym to take a look at the threads and make an educated decision. If you have made a purchase and you're not getting the equipment shipped, I would cancel your order and request a refund and talk to you CC company as soon as possible if you don't see the refund. Or, you can be like one of these hundreds of people who had gift cards, store credit, orders waiting, etc. and are out a lot of money, or just bought something for 20% off and pray it doesn't break next month.

I hope this post helps people out there.
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